Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ginger and more ginger

When I was kid, gingerbread always reminded me with The Famous Five (Lima Sekawan). Their adventure always brought imagination which I rekindled until now. It turned out my other half craved with ginger too. Love it so much that we always put in our backpack when we strolling down to a day walks.

I just received Ready for Desert book from David Leibovitz. Although his blog is great with lovely recipes, I found bit daunting to start with. Then, today I began with this easy cupcakes.

Actually it was left over Sierra Stout's 30th Anniversary trigger this trial. The dark and rich flavor from Stout made the batter even so lovely. I convinced to not replace any ingredients but just light molasses into darker because that's what we had in pantry.

Overall I am not impressed by the method, some text were not clear enough to describe the result of mixing that would be helpful for first Leibovitz's follower. The amount of ingredients also ended up less than the book said because I want to make decent amount of cupcakes. Somehow bit more effort and tricky, but I am willing to try again.