Thursday, January 14, 2010

Search for wild mushroom

I begun love affair with mushroom since hiking in the mountain. Taking picture while they were sprung from the bottom of tree trunk is challenging, specially tiny mushroom that love shades and limited light. I found collecting wild mushroom very fun to do. Few can be eaten, others were poisonous that can be lethal. Wild mushroom as always lot more flavour and nicer texture when it cooked.

Last week we walked to the Half Moon Beach, unwittingly found these beautiful button mushroom. We followed the equitarian route and spot some in hiding among the grass. Some in good condition, but most being knocked out either by horses or insects. In California there are report of people died eating wild mushroom. So be careful.

This week we'd like to grow shitake mushroom at our home. Well, we experimenting how to make our gourmet food source. We bought the kit from Fungi Perfecti. I will post some development in the future.

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