Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jean's Special Muesli

This recipe of home making muesli exists 20 years ago when The Corbridges lived in a farm house in Wales. It was because the current muesli on the market –Alpen had so many sugar contents on it so Gordon decided to investigate ingredients of muesli, then Jean worked it out how to cook it.

Muesli is always consumed for breakfast served with generous milk as we do with cereal. Sometimes Gordon made with prunes cooked with brown sugar to give natural sweetener.

Most of the ingredients quite easy to find in UK. You can go to Julian Barretts or any Organic Food that sells dried fruits, seeds and flakes. The three are basic which some being toast first, while the other just need to chopped in small pieces.


250 gr Sunflower seeds
125 gr Pumpkin seeds

Nuts (non salted)
250 gr Hazel nuts
250 gr Brazil nuts
250 gr Cashew nuts
100 gr Walnuts
200 gr Baby Pine nuts

80 gr of Dried Skimmed Milk Powder

1.5kg Flakes (usually portion as barley 25%, wheat% and oats 50%)
500 gr Malted barn flake
500 gr Wheat germs

250 gr Raisin
250 gr Apricots
60 gr Apple
100 gr Cranberries (sweetened)
Cut in small pieces, then set aside. Don’t put any dried fruit that too moist such as dates.

big plastic container for mixing
several flat tray for toasting
mash potatoes to crush nuts
your hands

Directions :

  1. Put wheat germs (the only flakes that need to toast) on the flat tray and toast first. Set the oven at medium heat 175C and toast for about 20minutes or so.
  2. Crush Malted barn flakes into reasonable size then put into mixer plastic box with the rest of flakes.
  3. Sprinkle with dried skimmed milk powder
  4. Lay the hazel nuts and brazil nuts at the same flat tray to toast. Put in the oven 5 minutes after the wheat germs
  5. Take another tray and lay the cashew nuts along with walnuts. These two tends to cook quickly, so always put last.
  6. Another tray for sunflowers and pumpkins seeds. Their likely just about light cooking.
  7. If all done just set aside to leave it cold, and for nuts it need to crush into small piece.

1. All the flakes will be mix first with dried milk powder
2. Then pour the chopped dried fruits (apple and apricots), the rest fruit just as it was
3. After that all seeds and crushed nuts
4. Mix with your hands until well distributed.
5. Let it cool, put the tea cloves to cover before put in air tight storage

Top left : barn flakes
Top right : Flakes (barley, wheat and oats)
Bottom left : Dried apricots
Bottom middle : Hazel Nuts and Brazil Nuts
Bottom Right : Sunflower and Pumpkins Seeds

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